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 St Michael's Tetbury
 A Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Clifton

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St Michael’s Parish Team

Fr Isidore Obi MAS STL JCL
Fr Isidore Nnamdi Obi

Fr Nnamdi Isidore Obi is our parish priest.

Fr Obi was born in Imo State, Nigeria. His earlier studies in Europe took place in St John’s Seminary in Wonersh near Guildford and the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium.

Since his ordination Fr Obi has served in St Mary’s, Swindon and The Immaculate Conception, Beeches Green, Stroud as Assistant Parish Priest before taking the role of Parish Priest, serving both St Michael’s Tetbury and St Peter’s Cirencester. He is currently part of the Chaplaincy Team of the Royal Agricultural University as well as serving in the Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Clifton. Fr Obi sees his parish pastoral care as priority; building a community of Faith, Hope and Charity where everyone is welcome.

Parish Administrator

Elaine Wright
Elaine Wright
Elaine has been our Administrator since April 2009 and looks after all administrative requirements; part of her role is to ensure that all ministry rotas are up to date; consumables are ordered for Mass and is the first point of contact for Baptism, Marriage and Funeral arrangements.

Authorised Person for Marriages

Elaine Wright

Health and Safety Officer

Graham Wright


Julia Hasler
St. Michael’s, like all Catholic parishes, is totally committed to ensuring that all children and vulnerable adults are protected against any form of abuse. Any concerns that anyone may have should be taken immediately to our Safeguarding Representative: Julia Hasler (through the Parish Office).

Master of Ceremonies

Tony Morris
The Master of Ceremonies (MC) is responsible for the smooth running of all of our liturgical celebrations. This ministry includes being involved during the planning of the liturgy, making necessary preparations for it and directing the clergy, altar servers, readers, Eucharistic ministers and other ministers during the actual celebration. The MC needs to be well informed about the various rites and ceremonies as well as practical matters such as lighting and the sound system.

Altar Servers

Our Altar Servers at present are: Gordon and Cameron Piedra; Joseph Fathers
Altar Servers
This ministry is open to all male or female who have at least made their first communion and there is no upper age limit and we encourage and welcome new altar servers. They are there to assist the priest at the altar.

Pastoral Council Members (as at May 2014)

Fr Isidore Nnamdi Obi (Parish Priest), Elaine Wright (Parish Administrator), Frances Billington; Roger Bramley; Mary Dignam; Pam Penn-Taplin; Theresa Triggs; Ann Walsh
The Parish Pastoral Council is established by the Parish Priest so that there may be a collaborative and consultative voice to assist him in discerning God’s intentions for the people of the Parish.
The objectives are:
To support the Parish Priest in developing and furthering the pastoral strategy for the Parish.
To discern the needs of the Parish, its parishioners, and the wider community.
To foster fellowship between the Parish and other Christian communities as well as those of other faiths, or none.

Finance and Fabric Committee Members (as at July 2013)

Fr Isidore Nnamdi Obi (Parish Priest), Elaine Wright (Parish Administrator and Parish Covenant Secretary), Kevin Healy; Pat Jackson; Tony Morris; Pam Penn-Taplin
The parish encourages the gift aiding of regular subscriptions by tax payers in order to maximise revenue to the Church. This can be through cash donations using weekly numbered envelopes or through bank direct debit transfers. The gift aiding of ad hoc donations can also be achieved through the use of R168 envelopes available at the back of the Church. For more information please contact Elaine Wright.

Deanery Pastoral Committee Representative

Graham Wright
The Stroud Deanery committee meet at least quarterly.

CAFOD Representatives

Mary Dignan; John Billington

New Parishioners

New parishioners and all visitors are very welcome and we pray for God’s special blessings on you. We wish you a very happy & holy worship with us. The Parish is committed to providing a welcome to all. ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’. Whilst welcoming should be a function for all of us, the aim is for specific individuals to greet all who attend mass with a smile; to ensure they have the appropriate mass card, bulletin, hymn book etc.; to offer assistance to the elderly or disabled, families with young children etc. You are also warmly invited to come to the hall after Mass for coffee and make new friends. Initial contact forms can be obtained from the back of the Church and handed to Elaine or speak to one of the welcomer’s at the back of the Church.

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion

Eucharistic Ministers are lay people commissioned to assist with the administration of the Blessed Sacrament either in Church, during the celebration of the Eucharist, or by taking the sacrament to the homes of the sick or the housebound. All Eucharistic Ministers are CRB checked (Section 1.6). Requests to include parishioners on the rota should be referred, in the first instance, to Father Isidore. For further information please contact Elaine Wright.

Proclaiming the Word

The first and second readings, the Responsorial Psalm and the Prayer of the Faithful at Mass are read by a member of the congregation. This is a most important ministry as the reader is the voice of Christ proclaiming the sacred text of scripture for all to hear as they listen attentively. Volunteers are always welcome and anyone interested in reading should contact Elaine.


Graham Wright, Elaine Wright and Tony Morris
The sacristans undertake much of the preparation for our liturgical celebrations, including providing all the things that are necessary for special days such as Ash Wednesday (ashes) and Palm Sunday (palms), weddings, baptisms and funerals and of course the busy seasons of Christmas and Easter.
They mark up the liturgical books needed for each celebration, lay out the appropriate vestments and arrange everything else that is needed such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, the processional cross, candles, the thurible and the acolytes’ torches. They also ensure that the vestments, church furnishings, liturgical vessels and other artefacts are kept clean and in good condition. Elaine orders the hosts and the wine and makes sure that there is a supply of clean purificators, corporals, hand towels, incense and charcoal. Graham washes the altar linens reverently and undertakes the burning of old linens and other objects no longer suitable for liturgical use. Graham also makes sure that the sanctuary lamp candle is kept burning, that the altar cloths are changed regularly, and that the holy water stoups are always clean and replenished with holy water frequently. Tony ensures that everything is prepared for the priest and the Mass.

Music ministry

Music plays a very essential part in the Catholic celebration of Mass. It is required that whenever possible the Mass should be sung. This means that there are certain prayers of the Mass itself that are above all to be sung and hymns can also be added if desired. Peter Ollis is our current organist. Rachel Moody, Jane Archer and Lucy Marsh are our current music group. New members for the group would be most welcome.

Children’s Liturgy

On most Sundays the children who have not made their first communion are invited to go to the hall with their worship leader for their own liturgy of the word returning to the main body of the church at the Presentation of the Gifts and take part in the offertory procession.
Sue Ingall is the present leader with others who lead the liturgy on a rota basis. All of our leaders are CRB checked; however parents are always welcome to accompany their children

Handyman, Hall Cleaner and Gardener

Graham Wright.

Flower Arrangers

Flowers are arranged weekly, depending on the season, normally at the convenience of the arrangers. Volunteers are always welcome.

Church Cleaning

Church cleaning is organised on a rota basis. This generally takes place weekly at the convenience of the cleaners. Volunteers are always welcome.

TACT Representatives

Lizzy Carville and Pat Jackson

TAIZE Representative

Robin Ingall

Red Boxes

Anne Walsh
To facilitate the celebration there are a number of ministries that members of the community are encouraged to perform. If you wish to help in any of these ways please let Elaine Wright know.

Booking St Michaels Hall

Elaine Wright
St Michaels’s Church Hall is available for hire, for clubs, private functions etc subject to availability and compliance with relevant Health & Safety procedures. Graham carries out certain cleaning tasks but users are expected to leave the hall tidy after use and to take all rubbish with them.