St Michael's Tetbury

FABRIC AND FINANCE COMMITTEE The Parish priest, as in every parish, convenes this committee, which is advisory to him. All members are volunteers from our parish and offer their services without charge. It meets six times a year and has some ten members, including the parish priest. The Parish Pastoral Council also send a representative. Between them, members look after such things as our accounts, legal and architectural matters, buildings, gift aid scheme, health and safety, and the presbytery.
As its name confirms, it looks after, first our finances, our weekly income and expenditure and produces our accounts from month to month are produced by our Parish Administrator who passes the information to the committee. Accounts are produced in the Financial Return at the end of the year for the Diocesan Finance Office.
The return is checked in accordance with the monthly accounts and signed in the first place by the treasurer and then authorised by the Parish Priest.