St Michael's Tetbury


This is an interesting,new development taking place shortly, taking the form of a confidential telephone service, ‘Want A Chat’, will be available to all parishioners in St Michael’s in the New Year. It is available for everyone, including those in the Parish, who possibly may be feeling a bit lonely, isolated, or are unable to get to Mass and just want a chat or a catch-up with someone from the Parish. Others may want contact with people outside the family, or possibly want to discuss in confidence some issue they have. The service, which is time limited, is open to all parishioners for most of their issues. It will not, however, be an advisory service, purely a kindly listening service. Watch out in the bulletin for further details.

VOLUNTEERS FOR ‘WANT A CHAT’ @ ST. MICHAEL’S NEEDED We shall be launching a telephone befriending listening service in the New Year for Parishioners [SEE ABOVE]. We are now looking for some additional volunteers to make the service sustainable over the longer term. The duties are not onerous. The basic requirements are to be a good listener, discrete and organised In handling this commitment (which is unlikely, estimate, to consume more than a couple at hours a week of anyone’s time). The normal statutory checks will apply. If interested in helping with this important, new initiative, please speak to Catherine Elliott for more information.