St Michael's Tetbury

Health and Safety Officer

Our Health and Safety Officer is Simon who has recently taken on the role after the death of Graham. Simon is in the services and as you can imagine Health and Safety was an important part of his role. Any Health and Safety issues should be addressed to Simon via the Parish Office

In line with Diocesan Policy, we take Health and Safety very seriously.

When lighting a candle, take care that it is positioned properly so it cannot fall, hurt someone or start a fire.

Take care if carrying anything from the vacuum cleaner to vases or arrangements of flowers.

Take care in the kitchen with the hazards that you can come across.

If anything is spilt, please clear it up to in order that an accident does not happen.

We have bins with salt in, a shovel in case of ice and snow.

There is a First Aid box in the kitchen if required.

A copy of the Diocesan Health and Safety Manual is held in the Parish

Regular reviews are held.