St Michael's Tetbury

The twelve Stations of the Cross are carved into the walls of the Church on either side. Our Lady’s Statue is on the left hand side Of the Church behind the Ambo there are Votive candles available for Prayer.

On the left hand side of the Church we have the statue of Jesus and opposite on the right Joseph, completing the Holy Family.

On the right hand side of the Church above the Confessional we have an icon of our Patron, St Michael the Archangel.

On the right side of our Church we have an Ambry which holds the ampoules containing the Holy Oils which are blessed by Bishop Declan at the Chrism Mass during Holy Week.

The Ambry and ampoules were purchased by the memorial fund in memory of Mgr William Mitchell; Parish Priest from 2001 until he passed away in 2008.

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