Planning a Funeral

Our Faith is that life is not for this world only. ‘Through God’s gift we hope to share in glory of Christ’s resurrection.
As Catholics our faith is that in death life has changed but not ended.

Arrangements for a Funeral to be held in St Michael’s or St Peter’s Churches are made through the Funeral Director selected by the family.
When a time has been agreed for the Service, the family will meet with the Parish Priest to discuss the Order of Service and other details.
The Church encourages us to celebrate the funeral in three main stages:
   The Vigil of Prayer, usually the evening before the funeral either at home or in the Church
   The Funeral Liturgy, which may be a Mass or a Funeral Service
   The Committal, at the cemetery or crematorium.

When it is not practical to celebrate all three stages the funeral may comprise a single act of worship either in a cemetery chapel or crematorium.
The Parish Priest will help you to consider what is best and practical for your particular circumstances. The priest will ensure that the services are true to the tradition of the Church, and appropriate to the one who has died, and those who gather to pray for them.

The Funeral Liturgy The family and friends of the deceased, if they feel able, can insist during the Funeral Liturgy in a variety of ways, the priest will talk you through this.
Readings from the bible, usually two readings from the Old and New Testament; a Responsorial Psalm, a Gospel Acclamation and a gospel reading read by the priest. General intercessions are normally written by the parish but you can request thanks giving to carers or remembering by name the deceased spouse or other family member if you wish. If there is a poem you would like to include, it could be added into the Order of Service or at the place of committal.
Music at the Liturgy should be hymns and Christian music. The parish priest will talk you through all the aspects of the Funeral Liturgy.

The Committal The final act of saying farewell takes place in a brief service at the graveside or at the crematorium. When a body is cremated it is encouraged that there be a further brief service, some time later, for the burial of the ashes.
There are two Funeral Directors which are often used by used by parishioners:
L E Perry Independent Funeral Directors, Philip Horgan, Funeral Director; Ridgeway Coach House, 13 Hampton Street, Tetbury Glos GL8 8JN; Tel: 01666 502295 Email:
Matthews of Tetbury Independent Funeral Directors, 23 Market Place, Tetbury, Glos GL8 8DD; Tel: 01666 505199


There’s an open gate,
at the end of a road.
Through which each must go alone.

And there in a light
we cannot see,
Our Father claims His own

Beyond the gate, your loved one
finds happiness and rest,

And there is comfort in the thought,

that a loving God knows best.

May God who called our dear one home

And grants them peace and rest

Give us the strength and faith to sayThat He indeed knows best.