Taize is a small village in France where a community of Christian brothers was founded by Brother Roger after the second world war.

They particularly welcome young people from all around the world to spend a week there joining in the community life and prayer.

They are very aware of worldwide problems and areas of need and have brothers living in poor communities around the world

We have been there many times, with our children from the ages of 8 and more recently on our own.

The Taize songs, with words taken from the gospels, and often in another language, have become well known and are sung in churches worldwide.

We hold a Taize in Tetbury prayer on the second Thursday of every month for 8 months of the year (not in July, August or Sep and not in April), and  try to circulate round 3 of the churches in Tetbury.

It is a quiet 45 minutes of song and prayer with gospel reading intercessions and a period of silence.  The service follows the format and guidelines from the Taize Community.

We welcome anyone and everyone and you don’t have to sing.

Please find out more about the Taize brothers and the work they do by visiting: www.taize.fr

Sue and Robin